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Melinda Gile Johnston, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Let’s work on wellness instead of illness


Yearly Musculoskeletal Physical $250


  • One – 1 hour physical evaluation to gather a baseline for range of motion, strength and balance measures to compare year to year
  • Flexibility to address current physical ailments and/or evaluate each major joint
  • Review any radiological reports ie X-ray, MRI etc and correlate with any current symptoms
  • Review your current exercise routine or create a whole new program addressing the evaluation findings
  • Leave with a written program to begin your journey living life to your fullest potential
  • If time allows we also can address nutrition, sleep, meditation, menopausal symptoms, urinary incontinence etc
  • Answer any questions you may have

Follow ups if needed prior to one year $150 – 45 min $200 – 60 min

Typically 4-6 weeks minimum after initial assessment


  • Re-assess any deficits found on initial assessment to show progress made
  • Adjust your current home program to address new measures
  • Answer further questions now that you’ve had time to process everything learned in your Yearly Musculoskeletal Physical
  • Problem solve any barriers you’ve experienced


Take control now of your journey towards wellness